Thursday, May 14, 2009

Designer of the Month -- Damanta Galaxy

A new feature of this blog is one I have been planning since before I started it -- to showcase how my brilliant and talented designer-customers (even if they only design for themselves) use La Galleria furnishings to create showcase homes.

This month's designer is Damanta Galaxy, co-owner of Club Erin, the Parkhead Mall, and Gra Go Deo Rentals. Damanta has done a superb job with her beautiful beach home, mixing styles to create drama, and using a sophisticated neutral tone palette with dashes of color.

Damanta has also designed the beautiful wedding chapel and garden overlooking the beach - along with a honeymoon suite -- which will be availble soon for weddings!

If you would like your creation to be featured in the blog, send me a couple of pics -- you may be chosen Designer of the Month! But I can tell you the competition will be stiff, because there are some very talented people out there. :-)

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