Friday, April 15, 2011

When a Bargain is Not a Bargain

Okay so we all have had the experience when we were new: we got a first home and ran out and bought some cool stuff to put in it -- and discovered that we didn't have enough prims for our 33 prim Chrismas tree!

Lesson learned!

Really? Because although all of us who have been around for a while are prim conscious, do we still know when something is a real bargain?  Let's just see.

Since I sell houses, I am using houses as an example.  You are looking at two, about the same size, style, and quality. But one costs 5000L and the other costs 500L. A no brainer, huh? But wait -- the first house is 200 prims and the second is 400.  And those prims have to be paid for, every tier day -- 5L, or 2¢, per prim per month.

The first house costs 5000L plus 1000L per month to cover the cost of the prims -- over a year,  17,000L.

The second house costs 500L plus 2000L per month to cover the cost of the prims -- over a year, 24, 500L.

That's a difference of  7500L -- around $30 USD!  Yes, $30 worth of prims that you could be using for all kinds of other things.

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