Thursday, June 27, 2013

La Galleria EXCLUSIVE Bronze Patio and Outdoor Living Sets

I love the idea of effortlessly increasing a home's living and entertaining space by adding one of these new sets to your terrace or patio!  They would even work in a breakfast area or sunroom!

Bronze and Glass Outdoor Living Set- 29 Prims

This set is COPY, which gives you the option to arrange the set with as many chairs, tables, and benches as you like. 

Who doesn't love wine and cheese?

Another choice for centerpiece

And for al fresco entertaining, the Bronze and Glass Mesh Patio Dining Set...

Bronze and Glass Patio Set- 16 Prims (not including food that rezzes)

Ham Sandwiches


Wine and Cheese Plate

Love orchids!
 Other options for table settings include muffins for 2 or 4 or Waffles for 2 or 4.

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