Friday, November 22, 2013

Casual Elegance for the Holidays. Plus Fall Promo!

Take a look at my two new country French Dinner Party dining sets for 6, with rush seat chairs, cabriole legs, and specular materials  -- perfect for family gatherings, and only 28 prims total, excluding food that rezzes from a menu! See here inworld.


Fall / Thanksgiving Centerpiece Promo

I have sculpted centerpieces from years past, and while they look good, they are pretty high prim.  My two brand new mesh ones are only 5 and 6 prims / Land Impact. 

Each one comes in two versions - one scripted to be added to a Dinner Party dining set, the other scripted for coffee table, kitchen island, console table, Hostess table, patio table, etc.  Instructions included. Copyable.

Find here near the landing point.

Be sure and check in next week for more Holiday and Christmas Decor!

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