Monday, February 24, 2014

Mix n Match Discount, Gift of the week, New Releases!

Hello friends!  This week I have added two more tables to the Mix n Match* selections:

1.  Bistro pedestal table Distressed Pine

2. Round Distressed White Dinner Party Table for 4

And also a Louis XVI console / sofa table in pine and white

All exclusively @ La Galleria.

See them in the Dining Dept just south of the main landing point.

****** Difference between Dinner Party and Bistro/Patio Tables ******

People ask this often so here you go:

~ Bistro tables are for informal breakfast or patio lunches and breakfasts, are smaller size, and at this time you cannot add meals to them, altho you can add centerpieces and some other stand-alone things.

Don't forget about the Mix n Match furniture deal! 
Buy furniture pieces individually and receive a 25% discount on your total! 
*Minimum 5 pieces of furniture from same dept.
*Rugs and Accessories do not count as furniture, but are included in the discount
*To receive your discount, send Turbokitty a notecard with your transaction info.

******  Turning Shadows on Shadow prims Down/Off *********

The shadows on my mod things can be either unlinked*, made invisible, or made more transparent (lighter).  Tips for selecting the shadow and making it more transparent are on my help page here

*Unlinking shadows on mesh items is not usually going to subract any prims.

********  Gift **********

This is a little accessory I made using the classic Eames bird design.  It is on a white console table with the new white dining sets.  It comes with or without the stand.  Copyable!

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