Monday, April 28, 2014

Mountain Creek Cabin Update and Gift!

Greetings and Happy Spring!


I have updated the Mountain Creek Cabin to be part mesh -- wood trim, windows, columns, doorways, staircase -- plus have updated some of the textures and made the loft rez from a menu. Take a look at it in the vendor here (the garden walls and pool is included):

The Mountain Creek Cabin is found here.

If you are a current Mountain Creek owner, you can IM your name to Turbokitty along with an approximate date you purchased it.  In about two weeks I will do a mass send-out of free updates.  (After that, I will charge a fee for sending copies individually.)  To receive any future updates, just keep your box rezzed to scan for them.


I did not make but found this cute planter on the marketplace so thought I would add some things and pass it along to you -- it is copy.

It is on the front porch of the Mountain Creek.

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