Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Bistro Set and GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week I am releasing a new mesh Antique Oak Pedestal and Windsor Chair Bistro Set.  This is one of my favorite tables, and features one of my new rugs!
Only 36 Land Impact! Mod/Trans

This bistro table will serve your choice of croissants, ham sandwiches, tuna steaks, waffles,  muffins, cheese plate, or a variety of centerpieces.


This week's gifts are these Ethnic Vases. I have two sizes available so you can use as a floor vase, or set out on display.  Found by the new bistro set.  Copyable.

Pick yours up at the main landing point.


If you've ever deleted something non-copyable, you know how frustrating it can be!  Well, there are safeguards you can take to ensure this doesn't happen.  With Singularity you can open just one folder in a separate window. Then (among other handy things) you can use 'no copy' as a keyword so everything that is no copy, and only those things, will show up in your trash folder.

You can use filters with this window to only show a certain time period.  Just go to "file" in inventory, and "show filters" to set the filters you want. 

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