Saturday, February 14, 2009

La Galleria gets a new home!

There is a (short) story behind La Galleria's move to its own island. When I started getting low on prims and thought about getting my own sim, I told myself that I could not have a sim of my own until I had used the prims I had wisely and well.

I made myself get rid of anything that was not selling (no matter how much I liked it) and I looked at everything in the store very carefully to see if I could improve it. And guess what? There was a lot I could improve! So that's why I am so focused on upgrading and updating - it is a way to keep creating without using more prims! In fact, a lot of the updating was finding ways to cut prims.

But finally I ran out of prims. Now that I have prims to spare, though, I have discovered the value of making good things better and I intend to continue.

Have it Your Way

I am very aware that many of my customers are artists for whom their home is their artistic medium. They have a passion for creating a beautiful environment. This is why I like to offer lots of options, and have signs all over the store saying so. For example, I use a lot of light fabrics because they can be tinted any color. (Much of the wood can be darkened or lightened as well.) This is also why I have not boxed up all the Dinner Party II dining sets -- so people can mix and match tables and chairs of the same woods. (And I have been known to change the pillow fabric or even the fabric on the entire sofa or chair.)

Coming Soon

I started out making the Dinner Party tables with either lasagna or steak dinners, but soon I will box these up so that whichever one is not in your table, you will be able to buy and add to it. It's a pretty simple procedure. Next will be another dessert besides cheesecake. I have several but have not decided on one. Options for the Hostess tables will be next. And eventually I will have more for the Dinner Party tables: Greek, Asian, Tex Mex to begin with.