Thursday, December 23, 2010

Featured Designer: Maureen Boccaccio

Maureen sent me these pics of how she decorated her Martha's Vineyard for Christmas -- so cheery and cozy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Featured Designer: Alexxis Foxdale

As you can see, Alexxis has turned her Mountain Creek Cottage into a Christmas dream house! Recently I asked her how she got involved in decorating, and how she decides what to use:

I've always loved the challenge of interior design in RL and when I came to SL I was immediately in hot pursuit of my first home to decorate.

Being so new, I really didn't know where to find a good house or what the difference was between a good or bad house. Needless to say, my first house needed some major changes. After redoing that house, eventually I got my first Pamela Gali house.

I'm on my third Galli house and recently downsized from Gran Villa di Galli to the Mountain Creek Cottage. I've loved all three of my Galli homes and have used them as my showcase houses. Pam does such a great job with her interiors, that decorating is made easy.

I find that in interior design the use of color, textures and accessories is extremely important. Many times I go by instinct and feeling, as decorating is a true form of art. However, with much experience in rl and sl I also know the art of design, placement of furniture, the use of accessories and the importance of carrying a theme and color throughout a home.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Featured Designer: Nabreena Magic

Nabreena Magic submitted these pictures of her beautifully deocrated Rose Mansion -- I was very impressed at the attention to detail and customization. Nabreena does landscape design, which is evident in the gorgeous outdoor living areas. She and her husband have made one large room into a game room, and turned the loft into a second living area. Such a comfortable home!












Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here are some pictures of living rooms submitted by La Galleria clients. They did a lovely job of decorating, and I thought it might give our readers some ideas.







Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featured Designer: Heart Brimmer

Heart Brimmer is a La Galleria customer with impeccable taste who created a beautiful home using many La Galleria furnishings. Her style is classic -- with flair. Notice that although she has used many La Galleria pieces, she has combined them in a unique way. I was impressed that she is able to look at different items form a mental picture of how they will look together in a room -- she says, "I always assess a room before I place furniture." The result, as you can see below, is lovely!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's the most important piece in this room?


(Click picture for a larger view.)

I'll bet you said sofa!

But look again -- what is the largest piece in the room?

Yes, the carpet!

In RL, a decorator will choose the rug first, then choose pieces that compliment it. It is often by far the most expensive thing in the room as well.

That's not so in SL, of course. But a rug should still be chosen with care. It should not only look good at a distance, but when you zoom in close. Look at the rug in the picture below -- when you zoom in close, you don't see a blur of color, but the actual pile, and crisp definition of the pattern.

(Click picture for a larger view.)

A lot of my upholstered furniture has neutral or solid colors, so they will go well with rugs. The one in the picture is new -- and is tintable: see it in black below. I tinted the silk pillows to go with the rug.

If you don't know how to tint things -- it is easy and fun. Instructions and a video link are in my Picks. A lot of my beds are also completely tintable, so you can experiement to find the color combination you like.


I think matching things is good -- to a point. Too much matching feels claustrophobic to me. It is boring.

I prefer to create a little drama by choosing things that go well together, but do not match. In the room in the picture, I have a traditional sofa and chair, a contemporary brass coffee table and brass planters, Asian accent pieces, an antique chair with leopard print, and of course a rich oriental rug. Sounds like a hodge-podge, but it works, and it looks sophisticated but comfortable.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Featured Designer: Luchi Bilavio

Luchi bought the Villa di Galli and lovingly created a little paradise with the help of landscape artist Celustus May, shown together here:

Luchi modified the pool area quite a bit, turned the pergola into a portico overlooking the sea and a waterfall, and added a hot tub and seating. Looks fabulous! (Click on any of the pics below to enlarge.)

I talked to Luchi a bit and he had this to say about his decorating:

1) How would you describe your "style"?

A friend of mine described me as having an Italian look about me, which is reflected in the house I live in and the furnishings I've chosen.

Being an artist you could say I have a good eye for these things and for detail too. I always start a painting on a blank canvas and when I came to Harmony the plot of land where I was going to live was just like that. I wanted to incorporate the perfect house, which fitted into the idyllic surroundings. Once I found the perfect house, I then set about creating the perfect landscape to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of the property. I choose these things very carefully. I like to take my time. I'm a perfectionist, so these things have to be just right.

2) How did you become interested in creating beautiful environments?

Well that one actually goes to the very talented creative genius and good friend, Celestus May. She is an inspiration. When I first came to Harmony, I looked around and thought "wow", this is a beautiful place she has created here. I am an artist and I love beautiful things. I treasure and cherish natural beauty, which I believe Celestus has captured here. Everyone who visits Harmony is amazed by it and the residents to live there also love it and stay a long time too.