Friday, May 30, 2014

New Release!

Hey there, everyone!

We have a few new listings up this week, including the white and peach Shabby Painted Chest HERE
I love the rustic and hand-painted look of this piece:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

GIFTS This Week!

Hi, friends!

Gifts this week are three charming mesh welcome mats:

These mats will display the name of whoever steps on them!
(Reading, fully: "Welcome < name of guest >").
If you prefer the simple "Welcome" you see here, the script can be easily edited in the mat contents.

These mats are modify and copy, and they can be found at the same location as this week's Rug Sale,
check them out in-world here

Friday, May 23, 2014

New Rug Shipment and SALE!

Hello there, everyone!

The semi-annual La Galleria Rug Sale is back, with a fresh new shipment!
On sale this week for 79L each, the new shipment offers rugs in all styles from antique to contemporary, so you're sure to find your perfect match.

These are all very high resolution rugs, so they can be stretched to accommodate any room and will remain blur-free.

All are mesh, and include a "rug shadow" that gives your rug a 3-D depth and keeps it from lying like a flattened cube against the floor. (If you would prefer for your rug to lie flatter, you can just stretch it flatter overall.) Some of these even have a very slight wrinkle texture.

*The Rug Department now wraps around the Dining department, and the new shipment starts in front of the Dining Dept. and wraps around towards the Living and Bedroom.

You can come and check out the sale here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Buttercup Cottage & American Cottages Updates. Free gift!

Hello friends!

New Buttercup Cottage & Americana Cottage Updates:

I made an all white version of my American Cottage -- the other two color versions are the Mockingbird and Americana -- called the Buttercup Cottage.



This new version has all new windows, doors, and porch railing, some new and floor wall texturing, new chimney, new pool w animations, and deeper front porch.  You can also tint the inside and outside walls different colors. The base color of all the houses is white, so you can tint them any color. 

It has a few more prims / LI -- 177.  However, I think the additional detailing  is worth it. Because the footprint is a little deeper because of the larger porch, if you update, the house will not exactly fit in the same space, but it should fit around your indoor furniture with some minor adjustments. 

See the Buttercup and updated Mockingbird and Americana here.

To receive your update, just keep your house box rezzed for 24 hours so it can scan. 

English Cottage Updates:
I made a minor update to the English Cottages -- a new kitchen wall texture, a new chimney, and instructions for how to get the door menu, in case you want to change options.

To receive your update, just keep your house box rezzed for 24 hours so it can scan.  However, I made a mistake and if you own the Cotswold, you will get the Midsomer (which is just tinted a different shade).  You can IM me for the Cotswold update (or you can just remove the tint). In the future it will scan for the correct version.

Rose Mansion Update:
This update has mesh terrace walls, windows have "alpha masked" textures to prevent "the alpha bug" from occurring, and some tiny fixes. 

To receive your update, just keep your house box rezzed for 24 hours so it can scan.

KOOL Door Menu:

If you have one of my newer homes or updates, you may have the KOOL door scripts. This info graphic shows how to get the menu so you can change access options, etc.

This week's gift!

 In the American Cottages back yard.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Greetings friends!

Summer Casual Dining

This pretty breakfast - brunch - lunch - dessert dining table rezzes a number of casual dining and centerpiece options.  It along with the COPY MOD painted chest and chairs,etc., are exclusively at La Galleria, and can be found in the Dining Dept here.

I have been working on updating the American mesh cottages (the ones with front porches) -- here is a peek at a white version I will be adding:

It along with updates of the other color versions (Mockingbird and Americana) will be ready by next week.

* A new Rose Manor update 1.4 (new mesh terrace walls) has been added to the automatic update box.

* I will be adding a Galleria Bar update soon, to fix an error message glitch.

*To get these updates and other updates for certain copyable items (mesh bars, mesh kitchens, mesh houses, some part mesh houses), just leave your box rezzed. If the box has a script in it called TimedUpdateCheck, that is the box that will scan for updates.

* I will send out the Mountain Creek Part Mesh updates this week to everyone who gave their names to Turbokitty -- these are not the automatic updates, since older version boxes do not scan for updates, so I send manually from a list.   The new box you receive will scan for any future updates.

On the painted chest mentioned above you will find a pail of fresh flowers in water, COPYABLE, a gift -- a larger size for the floor is nearby as well. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

NEW Contemporary Living Set, Mountain Creek Update and GIFT!


The contemporary sofa, chair, and loveseat have about a dozen different pillow fabric choices for different spring and summer looks, masny of which you can mix and match. 

The sofa has delightful couples and singles sits and cuddles, including reaing,  as well as a MLP couples animations engine. 

The rustic Shaker style coffee table rezzes a variety of centerpieces -- vase with sticks, celadon vase with daisies and roses, orchid -- and various other table top items including cheese and wine tray to offer guests. 

Also, new lamps and chandelier versions -- including the avant garde coral lamp/accessory on the console table.

The mesh orchid pictures are new as well.

All ~exclusively~ at La Galleria, you can see them here.

The set is not boxed yet but check out the Mix n Match sign on the wall to see how to get a 25% discount on individually purchased pieces.

******  Mountain Creek Upgrade ********

If you are a current Mountain Creek owner, send your name and approximate date of purchase (in IM) to Turbokitty for a free upgrade to part mesh.  The deadline to apply for a free upgrade is Wednesday.

I like floor vases because they are perfect to fill odd corners and spaces.  You will find this copyable free one  in the living room set above.