Monday, October 28, 2013

New Mesh Releases! Plus, even MORE Halloween gifts!

My new releases this week -- a coffee table, end table, sofa table, and desk/writing table -- demonstrate one reason I love mesh so much: each of them is only one prim!  I love it!  I have take a bunch of snapshots of these, along with the urns and books (copyable), all of which I used to decorate my beautiful Palm Beach Bunglow.

All of these except some books have specular materials to give them a little bit of shine, visible now with the LL viewer, eventually with all viewers.

In the study (downstairs) of the Palm Beach, find the little Scarecrow and Jack O Lanterns (which I did not make but assembled).

 Go check the kitchen island for caramel apples and popcorn balls!
Touch either to get one to wear and munch on!
On the upstairs terrace overlooking the ocean

All gifts are COPYABLE! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

And even MORE Halloween Gifts!

Drop by the new house and pick up more Halloween treats!  Guests touch a cup to receive one to wear and drink.  Cute little table / mantle decor!

NEW Palm Beach House!

The charming, elegant Palm Beach Bungalow combines the most efficient building properties of both mesh and regular prims, so the basic house without optional accessories is about 115 prims / LI (Land Impact). The optional pool with animations is 25 prims/LI.  The footprint of the house by itself is 35 wide by 37 deep.  When the pool is added to the house, the total footprint  of house and pool (without walls) is 35 wide by 54 deep.  It is the perfect size for a 4096 parcel with planty of prims to decorate with.

 As you can see, the La Galleria Palm Beach House has plenty of light and a functional layout for families or entertaining.  To really see the beauty of this house, it is best seen inworld.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Halloween Gifs!

I have another new candle centerpiece, plus Halloween banners, a sculpted scarf table with some Halloween cookies (touch to get one to eat)  and candies,  a moaning ghost that floats around moaning,  ghostly skeleton hands that come out of nowhere (presumably to try to strangle you), a witch's broom you can fly around on , and an apple bobbing barrel. 

How to win at apple bobbing and amaze your friends:  "Sit" on barrel with apples and while you are bobbing, touch an apple to get one for your inventory.  Then wear it. When you stand up you will have the apple in your mouth and can declare yourself the apple bobbing champion :-) 

Everything is COPY, and can be found by the rugs.

Also you will see a copy mod rug shadow, free, which you can add to any regular prim rugs that do not have shadows already.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have a new shipment of great looking high-resolution rugs, and have put all rugs in the rug department on sale, this week only.  The new rugs are all mesh, with a shadow prim under them.  They are pretty much the same as the sculpted rugs, but since the mesh ones are all one mesh, you can more easily stretch them to exactly the size you want. 

I will be converting all rugs to mesh over time (I have already converted some), but for now I also have all the sculpted and regular prim ones as well.  All of them are 79L this week.

These rugs can all be stretched large without becoming blurry, as they are the highest resolution possible in SL -- but for this reason they may take a little while to rez when your viewer first loads them.  Sometimes clicking on them speeds loading.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Outdoor Dining Set plus FREE HALLOWEEN GIFTS!

Fall is a time to sit outside with friends and enjoy the perfect weather (well, in SL) and falling leaves, maybe with a nice Merlot . Could anything be more conducive to entertaining than these contemporary wicker seating sets?  

The detailed mesh wicker chair has four different fabric change options (and you can also tint the cushions in Edit), and eight different sits. 

 The coffee table rezzes a cheese plate with wine and flowers that gives a glass of wine and cracker with cheese, plus daisy and orchid centerpieces or magazines and candles when not entertaining.  This larger set is 20 Prims / Land Impact.

The smaller set, 13 prims / Land Impact has two chairs with an end table.  Both sets come with a ceiling fan and a rug, and pieces are available individually.

Everything is exclusively at La Galleria!


Still gearing up for the big day!  This week I have a new skull and raven wind chime, out of which creepy bats fly to scare your guests. 

 I put out different sizes cute mesh Jack O Lanterns made by Anthonys Republic.  I also updated a Halloween wreath from last year, made a new wreath, and have the animated sculpted Jack O Lanterns from years past.

Everything is COPY and on the front porch of the Villa Galleria. 

Net week and following:  Halloween party things and spooky decorations for inside and out!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I have more fun making Halloween gifts than almost anything else!  As always, I have new mesh things and lower prim mesh versions of old things, which I will be putting out for the next five weeks before Halloween.  Plan a party because I will have fun party things!

First up, a new candle set with tiny animated scowling Jack o Lanterns, 5 prims, copyable:

 And some copy mod spider webs to dress things up inside and out!

 Plus two of my favorites from years past, the melted witch -- who keeps cackling despite her fate (turn sound off and on by touch)!

Touch the cauldron to get a stick and sit on the cauldron to start stirring.  Both copyable.