Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Southern Living

A few years ago I took a trip through Charleston, South Carolina, and Natchez, Mississippi, and found some of the most charming homes in America. Charleston Bay House and Natchez House are inspired by the old, elegant Southern homes that have housed generations of families.

Most homes featured multiple verandas as well as front porch ceiling fans essential for catching the breeze on warm, humid nights. The worn brick courtyard with pool fits at either the back or the side of the back porch.

When touring the older homes I found the lovingly-preserved wallpapers and pressed tin ceiling tiles gave the rooms a graceful, finished look throughout.

Most impressive are the lush flower beds and climbing, flowered vines, which have been cultivated through the years, and many extras such as different chandeliers, sconces, curtains, and windowseats.

Lovely homes for raising families.

Natchez House

Charleston Bay House