Monday, September 23, 2013

New Italian Entry Console

Every room needs a focal point -- something special, something not everyone else has. Something like my beautiful antique Italian console, a perfect dramatic touch in an entryway, or any other room in the house, and only 2 prims / Land Impact. 

It is mesh, 2 prims, and copy-mod, this week at an introductory price.


I have several Autumn banners, perfect to welcome guests, plus a new mesh Pumpkin Leaf Emitter. Just place the pumpkin near the center of your yard and watch the leaves begin to fall! Throw out that sculpted one from last year and pick up this much prettier mesh one -- it is right by the Italian console. It is copyable so make as many copies as you like.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Country French Dining Set- Mesh and Gift For the Week!

I love a variety of styles (and hate a few), but I would have to say that Country French is my favorite. It has the elegant, beautiful lines of Louis XV, but simpler and more informal.  This explains why I have always loved a friend's gorgeous Country French dining set, and made a mental note "I must make this in mesh!" every time I saw it.  This week I finally did that, and have a beautiful table for 6 ready to go.  Only 46 prims total!

For this week's gift I have a  mesh houseplant in a terra cotta pot.  It is  copyable.

Monday, September 9, 2013

FREE GIFT and New Release!

Wow, that plant stand from last week was super popular!  So I made a white one for this week. It is by the Bombe chests,  free (for a week),  copyable so *you only need one* .   (Copyable plant is not free.)

I love bombe chests -- they are so French, so classic, so DRAMATIC (but in a GOOD way!). They are really not for the faint of heart.

So in addition to my original burl bombe chest, I have made two more.  All of them have  specular materials so they will have a subtle sheen when seen through a materials-enabled viewer (which atm is only the LL viewer).

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I found this nice paisley fabric to put on my wing chairs, and then someone asked if I had the copper leather version in red or black, so I tinted the leather to show her.  Those looked so good I made dark brown, green, and blue ones, too (yes I love to tint things!).


I am putting a price of 10 L on this mesh plant stand.   Looks nice tucked away in a corner or by a doorway, inside or out, and is only one prim.  Copy and Mod. (The plant is not part of the promo.)


These all have expiration dates, usually one week. At some point afterwards, these things will be at their regular price, usually in the Accessories dept.