Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is Live Chat for?

I have a customer who bought a lot of things from me inworld -- none from a scripted vendor, all objects or boxes -- who received none of them in her inventory. Or at least she sees none of them. These were bought from two different sims, and I have had no other reports of problems, so pretty sure the problem is with her inventory. When I have given her a replacement of one item, twice, she had the same problem. We have both contacted Live Chat, to ask them to just look in her inventory and see if the items are there or not -- and fix the problem.

Support told me if she contacted them, they could check her inventory. However, when she did that, she was told to file a ticket, which she did, but she is understandably eager to get the things she bought. She owns a sim; I own four, and yet Live Chat seems only to be able to say File a Ticket.

Here is my attempt, at the end of my second call to Live Chat, to find out what Live Chat IS for:

You: Tell me this -- what is live chat for?
BethA: I understand your frustration and I know this is not the answer expected. But I am unable to assist with this matter. Please review the link provided and await reply to your support ticket.
You: What sort of things does Live Chat address?
You: What types of problems?
BethA: I am sorry, but I am unable to list all the issues Live chat is able to handle. For information on troubleshooting and help, please visit the knowledge base and search for solutions to issues as they arise. If you are unable to locate a solution, please file a support ticket.
You: Okay well then tell me one type of problem that Live Chat addresses
You: Because I don't know
BethA: Was there another issue I can help you with since we have addressed the issue that brought you into chat today?
BethA: If there isn't anything else I may assist you with, you have a great day! Bye!
If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us again.
This chat has been ended by the operator.

Excuse me?  It's a pretty simple question.  Is it a secret?  Is there ANYthing that Live Chat responds to?