Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dinner Party Kitchens are here!

I have four kitchens done so far! Here's the info from the notecard that comes with them:

While the kitchen is great fun by itself, it is designed to be integrated with the Dinner Party and Dinner Party II dining sets, where your guests can sit down to the meals you prepare in the kitchen while they have appetizers at the kitchen bar.

The kitchen has three areas -- all copyable -- that rez food through a menu, and each of these comes separately and must be placed in the kitchen:

1) The food prepartion island, where you can prepare full meals which include salad, sauce for lasagna (none of that bottled stuff!), and assembling the lasagna, and, when you just want to serve a treat, chocolate chip cookies -- and when you are not cooking, a bowl of fruit or a brass pitcher with gerbera daisies.

To rez these, touch the top of the island. To stir, wear the wooden stirring spoon from your invenotyr; to chop, wear the chopping knife. (You may have to adjust your height and/or the spoon and knife in order to stir and chop correctly -- or move the bowl or pot.)

2) The oven and range, where you can cook lasagna sauce, lasagna, cookies and cocoa, baked potatos, rolls, french bread -- and you can grill steaks. To rez these, touch the BACK WALL of the stove.

3) The bar (attached to the kitchen), where your guests can munch on cheese and crackers while they sip wine, have chips and salsa while they drink Margaritas, have pita and hummos, have a lovely ivory and gold cup of steaming cafe au lait, a beautiful rose-pattern teapot that gives a steaming cup of tea along with a basket of muffins to serve, or serve the cocoa and cookies you have made -- and when you are not cooking, a bowl of fruit or a brass pitcher with gerbera daisies. Just touch the bar countertop to rez these.

All of the rezzing items are copyable, so you can take a copy and place them wherever you like, as well as rezzing them.


The kitchen is modifiable, but if you change the size of the oven, the island top, or the serving bar top, the food positions will get messed up.

The kitchen comes with optional copy- mod walls, as well as transferble hanging lamp, four stools, a set of wooden spoons that gives a wooden spoon to stir with, a coffee maker that gives a steaming mug of coffee, a potted basil plant, a set of four cannisters, a set of three pasta-filled glass cannisters, a rolling pin, a cutting board, a cookbook, a hanging kitchen utensil rack, three baskets, and wall decor.

The kitchen by itself is 45 prims, not counting the items that rez or the extras listed above.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Designer of the Month -- Damanta Galaxy

A new feature of this blog is one I have been planning since before I started it -- to showcase how my brilliant and talented designer-customers (even if they only design for themselves) use La Galleria furnishings to create showcase homes.

This month's designer is Damanta Galaxy, co-owner of Club Erin, the Parkhead Mall, and Gra Go Deo Rentals. Damanta has done a superb job with her beautiful beach home, mixing styles to create drama, and using a sophisticated neutral tone palette with dashes of color.

Damanta has also designed the beautiful wedding chapel and garden overlooking the beach - along with a honeymoon suite -- which will be availble soon for weddings!

If you would like your creation to be featured in the blog, send me a couple of pics -- you may be chosen Designer of the Month! But I can tell you the competition will be stiff, because there are some very talented people out there. :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

XStreet SL Merchants Hunt!

X marks the spot -- look for an X (like on treasure map) on the floor somewhere! The hunt lasts a week and starts Thursday, May 14.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hungry for more?

Good news -- I have the food sets for the rectangular tables for 6 in a texture change version! I have boxes of lasagna and steak dinners, chocolate mousse, and strawberry shortcake. I also have breakfast (muffins with tea or coffee) and coffee for for the small round Dinner Party II tables. More to come!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Dozen New Fireplaces!

All different styles, each with sculpted logs & crackling fire! In the picture see also my beautiful new Lalique vase.