Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Designer of the Month: Charmayne Brentley

Charlayne is a longtime La Galleria customer who fell in love with my Villa and made it into a beautiful, comfortable home -- and had too much fun doing it! I asked her how she went about it:

I am happiest in an environment that feels cozy and warm; I love to make a house feel like a home. It's more about color, and the way a room makes me feel, than any certain style. I suppose that an eclectic style describes what i like best -- sometimes it's trial-and-error, and sometimes things just fall into place as if they were meant to go together.

I have always been interested in decorating, but in Second Life I can change my wall color almost as often as my hair color! The possibilities are endless. When I realized the interesting, and realistic, textures and furnishings which are available, I wanted to work with those to create a space which is enjoyable to be in. One big factor has been my partner, Tad Carlucci. His patience, guidance, and knowledge, were big factors helping me to jump in and overcome any hesitation or fears of making a mistake ... and there have been plenty of those! All part of the process of learning...grin.