Monday, May 17, 2010

Featured Designer: Luchi Bilavio

Luchi bought the Villa di Galli and lovingly created a little paradise with the help of landscape artist Celustus May, shown together here:

Luchi modified the pool area quite a bit, turned the pergola into a portico overlooking the sea and a waterfall, and added a hot tub and seating. Looks fabulous! (Click on any of the pics below to enlarge.)

I talked to Luchi a bit and he had this to say about his decorating:

1) How would you describe your "style"?

A friend of mine described me as having an Italian look about me, which is reflected in the house I live in and the furnishings I've chosen.

Being an artist you could say I have a good eye for these things and for detail too. I always start a painting on a blank canvas and when I came to Harmony the plot of land where I was going to live was just like that. I wanted to incorporate the perfect house, which fitted into the idyllic surroundings. Once I found the perfect house, I then set about creating the perfect landscape to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of the property. I choose these things very carefully. I like to take my time. I'm a perfectionist, so these things have to be just right.

2) How did you become interested in creating beautiful environments?

Well that one actually goes to the very talented creative genius and good friend, Celestus May. She is an inspiration. When I first came to Harmony, I looked around and thought "wow", this is a beautiful place she has created here. I am an artist and I love beautiful things. I treasure and cherish natural beauty, which I believe Celestus has captured here. Everyone who visits Harmony is amazed by it and the residents to live there also love it and stay a long time too.