Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Villa Barcelona and Gift

I'd like to introcuce the newest addition to La Galleria- The Villa Barcelona.  The part mesh Villa Barcelona has about 258 LI/prims and a footprint of 40 x 44 --  NOT including the optional landscaped courtyards or other optional unlinked items listed below.  With the courtyards, which together have a LI/ Prim count of about 85,  the footprint is about 60 wide by 70 deep.

It can be found here.

 Some of you may recognize it, as it has the same floorplan as the Gran Villa.  If you are a current owner of the Gran Villa, La Galleria would like to extend to you a 30% discount on the Villa Barcelona.  Please message Turbokitty for details.


Come by and pick up this cute Easter basket with Easter eggs.  It can be found at the main landing point.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Friends!

I'm getting excited about St. Patty's day coming up!  I love all the surrounding festivities, and to help you all celebrate, I have several different options!

Naturally, I have pub-style bars that serve celebratory drinks! I have the Galleria Bar, with plenty of space for a party, and also the La Galleria Home Bar, which is a scaled down version for those of you who don't need quite as much. Both are part-mesh. They are scripted so you can order a drink and it will move directly to your hand to attach -- no more digging through inventory to find a drink to wear!  Here are some pics!  They can be found here.

Dont' need a whole bar, but a table where you and a friend can have a cozy drink for two?  Check out my Drinks Tables, right by the bars. With three styles to choose from, one is sure to fit your personal style!

St. Patty's Day GIFTS!!!!

Ever wish you could find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?  Now you can have your very own -- and the rainbow as well!

Find the rainbow and a pot of gold emitting shamrocks, over by the bars.  (The rainbow is copy and mod, so make it any size.)