Monday, March 31, 2014

New Release and Gift of the week!

Hello friends!

By request, for a festive European al fresco look I have an Ivory wrought iron and marble top Bistro table, which I have displayed with an Italian painted marble-top chest and ivory wrought iron chairs -- perfect for the terrace or breakfast room.

Exclusively at La Galleria.

A pretty pastel watercolor collage to welcome Spring, above the Italian chest (see above) -- copyable.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Don't need a whole bar?  How about a table?

This classic English (Queen Anne) pedestal table is a mesh version of a pretty one I  made out of sculpts a couple of years ago -- they are very similar, except the mesh one is 2 LI and the sculpted one is 8 LI.  I love this style table.

This one serves drinks for two people (I will be making a Tea Table version when I finish my tea set), and works like the new Galleria Bar:

Have a seat first then:

~ touch the table top near you to rez a coaster for the drink of your choice,

~ touch the coaster to rez the drink,

~ touch the drink and click YES to attach the drink to your hand. 

~ When done, click Detach.

The drink animation works with any animation already in the chair.

At an introductory price now! Found here.

New Wing Chairs!

I saw this fabric and had to put it on the wing chair!  (It is also available in the Living Room dept in another fabric and several leathers.)

Table and chairs both by the Galleria Bar.

How to use those Copy and Paste Buttons

For quite a while I was afraid to touch those C and P buttons on the Object tab of Edit. You never know when clicking a button will make something blow up into a million pieces, right?

But now those buttons are one of my most-used tools:  Lets say I want to rez an object (like a house that is a single linked object) exactly where another object of the same size is -- so it has the same rotation and position.

1. First I click the C buttons by the Position and Rotation numbers (in the OBJECT TAB OF EDIT) of the house whose position and rotation I want to copy FROM.  Then I can move or delete that house. 

2. Then rez the new copy you want to paste the numbers TO, and click the P button by the Rotation numbers, then the P button by the Position numbers. It snaps into place!

Note: Make sure you are in the same parcel with the objects.

This week's gift!

The last of the vintage seed packet framed pics are available this week, on the wall by the Galleria Bar.  After this week I will pick them all up and put them for sale in the Accessories dept.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Palm Beach Update, Gift, and more!


Palm Beach Bungalow Update!

I had several Palm Beach Bungalow owners ask me if they could remove the wall between master BR and the bath, to enlarge the rooms --  so I decided to make a new version with larger bedrooms, and while I was at it added and updated quite a few new things, but kept the same footprint and Land Impact, so it can be rezzed in the same spot around furniture. Here are some of the features of this Palm Beach v3 update, with the same footprint and LI as before -- please take a look at the model in the store or on the marketplace  to see it and decide if and what parts you might want to update.

~ enlarged bedrooms
~ enclosed back porch to make a garden/breakfast room
~ updated textures (shutters, floors, shading)
~ entry light fixture above entrance
~ changed some window sizes
~ changed panels over doors
~ double doors open at the same time
~ added doorbell
~ made an optional (unlinked) back patio w walls
~ made outdoor walls thicker and reconfigured/relinked the landscaping elements
~ pool water is mesh ( has "waves")

I will send the update this week. If you own the Palm Beach, keep your box rezzed so it can scan for the update.

Spring Gift!

I made another set of the Vintage Flower Seed mesh picture frames to add to those last week -- you can find them all on the Palm Beach upstairs landing hallway wall.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day, Gift, and more!

Greetings friends!

Thinking about a St. Patrick's Day party? Check out my incredible new Galleria Bar -- part mesh, so the prim count is low, even with all the accessories included, and with state of the art scripting for the most realistic experience.

~  Touch the bar or table top to rez a coaster, then touch the coaster to rez your drink. 

~ Touch the drink to transfer the drink DIRECTLY to your or your guest's hand -- no digging through inventory!  The drink animation will combine with the animation in the stool for a natural "chat and sip" effect.

~ When done, click DETACH and the drink returns to the coaster.

~ "Sit" on the checkered floor behind the bar to be the bartender -- touch the black marble shelf to grab the dishtowel to wipe the bar with.

~ Included is a copy mod high bar table that serves drinks for two people.

~ There are lots of accessories, and everything is copy and modifiable.

It will be at an introductory price for a few days. Exclusively at La Galleria!

Boston Pub Bar Upgrade Info:  If you purchased the Boston Pub Bar, you are eligible for an upgrade to the Galleria Bar. 

1) Purchase the Galleria Bar and

2) send your Galleria Bar transaction info,

3) along with the year of Boston Pub Bar purchase, to Turbokitty, who will confirm the original purchase and send the rebate.

The amount of rebate will depend on when you purchased the Boston Pub Bar:

* 2014 :  1200L rebate

* 2013:  950L rebate

* Before 2013:  700L rebate



90% of the homeowner issues I help people with daily are addressed in my Homeowner's Guide, which I update regularly.  Check it out for some helpful tips and ways to avoid DISASTER (just kidding, it's just pixels, you can't actually destroy anything).


To welcome Spring, I have these pretty vintage flower seed packet pictures, in either black or white frames, copyable so you only need one of each.  These are on the wall by the Galleria Bar.

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Releases, Gifts, and more!

Happy Springtime!

*********  NEW Dining Table for 6 *********

I am still on a dining furniture roll (can you tell it is my favorite?).  This week I have  a rustic, distressed Louis XVI table for 6, the kind of thing I would adore in RL.   I have it displayed with Louis XVI dining chairs and a matching console table, but slipper chairs of course would go great too.

It is not boxed, but eligible for the 25% Mix n Match discount if you want to make your own set.

Mix n Match

Buy furniture pieces individually and receive a 25% discount on your total.

*Minimum 5 pieces of furniture from the same dept.
*Rugs and accessories do not count as furniture, but are included in the discount.
*To receive your discount, send Turbokitty a notecard with your transaction info.

La Galleria Dining Dept

******** Spring Windchimes Gifts *********

I have two, both copyable, hanging in the room with the new dining table -- both have lovely intermittant chimes, one emits butterflies, the other daisies. After first rezzing you may need to touch them to turn them off and on before both chimes and flowers/butterflies start -- and the latter can be slow to appear.