Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look at what you can do with mod skills!

Kimmie Rayna had already cannibalized her Rose Manor to make a matching garage, and now she has done the same with her Americana Cottage.  Yes, cannibalize -- she unlinked various parts of the house, copied them, and used them to build the garage.  Compare these pics of the garage with the pic of the Americana in the previous post:

Want to learn to make cool things like this?  Check out the Editing Linked Prims page in this blog!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Americana Cottage

This is the American version of my mesh house (English cottages do not have front porches) -- includes a pool in back.  156 prims for the house and everything linked to it.  It has some very special touches created by my design partner Nacy and me.

I will post a marketplace link when it is listed.

Check out the La Galleria Flickr Page!

If you have not checked out our Flickr page, you will find a very interesting collection of pics showing what different La Galleria fans have done with their homes!  Here is a peek:

The page is at  - and we would love to see what you have done with your home!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Low Prim Mesh Brass Bed Set!

Nacy and I had been wanting to make a brass bed bedroom set for a long time, and we are thrilled with the result!  The linens and brass bed (which are not linked so you can buy just one or the other if you like) together are just 19 prims!

The bed linens have three configurations -- covers up, covers down, and sleep under covers.

Comes with a lot of great mesh accessories -- fireplace, armoire, bachelor's chests, blanket chest, two candlestick lamps, a beautiful ginger jar, chair with ottoman, pictures, plant, rug, and more!

More details on the Marketplace here

The set can be seen by the landing point HERE.