Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NEW Chippendale Mahogany Dining Set and Christmas/Winter GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week's new release is this Mahogany Chippendale Dinner Party Set for 6, just in time for the upcoming holiday get togethers! 37 Prims/LI. Mod/Trans

This dinner table will serve a lasagna, shrimp, steak or ham dinner with a glass of red wine, fried chicken with iced tea, eggs, bacon, and croissant, and for desert  a round of cheesecake and  coffee. When not serving, rez a variety of centerpieces.

Available at the landing.

Also be sure to check out the holiday dinners I have available to install in the table, just in time for Christmas dinner!


1. I have the Holiday Turkey Dinner in all sizes of Dinner Party tables.  Touch the fork, roll, or wine glass, and it will come straight to your hand, no digging in inventory! 

Change for either Thanksgiving or Christmas decor: 

Touch the plate to change to 6 different china patterns, including Christmas. Touch the edge of the runner to change fabric. Touch candles to change color, touch the candleholders to rez bows, touch bows to change color.

Touch the green bean casserole to change to Brussels Sproute (a necessity for British Christmas dinners).

2. I have turkey dinner preparation for the kitchen islands, and turkey dinner for the oven, available in the kitchen dept., but I will put out the boxes by the dining set boxes as well.


This Christmas lantern is the last in my series, and is available at the landing. Copyable.

I also have put  out La Galleria snow emitters.  Here is a link to one that I have made easier to see, but they are all over. Copyable, so you only need one.

Here is some helpful info on reducing particle lag associated with this type of item:

We are entering that time of year where there will be falling leaves and soon snowflakes everywhere you go. If this causes your computer to slow down, you can reduce the number of leaf or snowflake particles you see. Go to your preferences, then Graphics tab, then look for the Particles slider. (If you turn it completely off, you will not be able to see most candle flames.)

I also have a Christmas windchime set out at the English Cottages. Also copyable.

Monday, November 23, 2015

NEW Chippendale Dining Set and FREE Gifts!

Greetings Friends!

This week's new release is a traditional Glass Top Chippendale Dining Set for 6. I can easily envision everyone seated around this table for Thanksgiving dinner! Only 36 prims.

Everything is mod and transfer except for the items that rez from a menu, which are copy; you cannot transfer those pieces of furniture unless all the items are deleted from contents.

This dinner table will serve a lasagna, shrimp, steak or ham dinner with a glass of red wine, fried chicken with iced tea, eggs, bacon, and croissant, and for desert  a round of cheesecake and  coffee. When not serving, rez a variety of centerpieces.

Touch a food or fork to get a copy to wear -- the eating animation will begin, and alternate with the conversation to create a natural dinner party effect.

Included in set:

DINNER PARTY TABLE FOR 6 v2 -Chippendale Glass Top Mesh

Chippendale Side Chair - Dining - Mahogany-4

Chippendale Armchair - Dining - Mahogany-2

Aubusson Needlepoint RUG MESH TRANS

Antique Copper Planter w Shefflera MESH 1 Prim-2

5 Shade ANTIQUE Brass Chandelier TRANS- touch shade for light


Chippendale Console Mahogany

Tall TRAVERTINE Marble Candle NN med-2

Cezanne Cherries Stillife in Gold Frame 2 w LightMesh
36 Prims


This week I'm offering some cute Fall gifts, as well as the first of my Christmas gifts! Found both at the landing and in the Hyde Park House.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

NEW Hyde Park House and GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week I am releasing the newest La Galleria home- the Hyde Park House.  It is fully modifyable and can be customized to exactly what you need using the optional doors and divider walls that are included.

A little more about this house:
~402 Prims/LI
~100%  Copy Mod* Mesh
~402  Land Impact
~36x36 footprint
~House, including landscaping, fits on 4096 parcel
~ 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, room for a kitchen, conservatory/breakfast room/study, dining room, living room.

It can be found here:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LaGalleria%20Prefab%20Houses/121/7/26

It will be available at a special introductory price for a limited time. Owners of the Villa Galleria will recieve a 40% discount. IM Pamela Galli for refund.


If you are planning a Thanksgiving gathering, check out my BEAUTIFUL turkey dinners with all the trimmings,  and pumpkin pie desserts, which can be added to Dinner Party II Tables in 4 sizes.

I also have kitchen island prep and oven prep available!

They have color change so you can use them for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Found at the landing or in the dining dept.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La%20Galleria/0/240/34


Inside the Hyde Park House I have left you a few lovely gifts!

This fall cornucopia is the perfect festive centerpiece or fall accessory!
I also have this mesh fall wreath set out. So pretty!

 And because I love giving gifts, I also put out some lovely fall banners. Located around the Hyde Park as well.

Also pick up this pumpkin welcome mat, pumpkin and corn, and Thanksgiving display plates!

All copyable.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Preview of new Hyde Park house plus GIFTS!

Hello Friends!
This week I'm giving you a peek at my new house, the Hyde Park. It will be released next week. I'm still tinkering with it a bit, so it might have a different tint at release. Find it here.

 This week I'm offering you a La Galleria fall pumpkin lantern and fall windchime. Copyable.
  All found inside the Hyde Park