Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I received  requests for darker wood wall shelves like the white ones from last week, so those are on the wall by the chandeliers.  The picture shows how they look on a viewer that has materials enabled.
I made two sizes -- each is copy mod, so you only need one of each.

New Travertine Dining Set

************  Travertine Dinner Party Dining Set for 6 *************

I really love this dining set, with its Old World yet contemporary style.  Plus I love being able to mix and match the table with so many different styles of chairs -- which is why I have not boxed it as a set. Here in the pictures I have it with one of several tintable slipper chair fabric options and  Jacobean chairs (with texture/color change) but it goes with almost any style.  The table rezzes both sculpted and new mesh food and centerpieces.

To go with it I have a travertine console table, which would also look great as an entry or hallway table.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A customer asked for some kind of curio cabinet for her La Galleria box collection, and while I did not have time this week to make one of those, I did make a wall shelf in two sizes.  It is copy mod, so you can make it any size -- and you only need one.  The cup with flowers is the gift from last week, still available.

It is one prim / LI and is right by the new patio dining set.


Monday, August 19, 2013

NEW! White Wrought Iron MESH Patio Dining Set

This fresh dining set matches the patio seating set from two weeks ago, and brightens up any patio, terrace, deck, or breakfast room.  The table rezzes appetizers, breakfast, lunch, centerpieces, etc.  Only 16 prims not counting things that rez!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gift This Week

This copyable mug with flowers in it is this week's gift. It would look cute tucked all kinds of small spots, and is on a bedside table in the new bedroom set. Pick one up here:

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Newest Mesh Bedroom Set!

The Shabby Ivory Metal and Antique Peony Mesh Bedroom Set is bright, airy and romantic and sets such a cheery tone in any home!  The set is copy-modifiable, and has a total of 43 prims. Everything is mesh except the armoire and rug.

The set includes:
-Light Antique Oak Armoire
-Rose Pictures in Peeling Frames
-Candlestick Lamp with Ivory Shade
-Ivory Country French Bedside Table
-Shabby White Metal Bedframe
-Faded Peonies Bed Linens with Ruffle
-White Vintage Brass Ceiling Fan
-Ivory Wicker Blanket Chest
-Ivory Wicker and Antique Peonies Chaise
-Solid Cream Floral Sculpted Rug

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Newest Outdoor Living Set and FREE PROMO GIFT!

 New Shabby White Wrought Iron Patio Seating!  I love this set.  The bench has a nice cuddle and singles sits.  The coffee table rezzes lots of things including appetizers for your guests. Fan, flowers, vase, end table, and two chairs also are included.  Only  24 prims -- and it is all copy mod!

You can find it HERE, along with the gift below.

 I got this cute bucket from Sculpty Republic and thought I would fill it with foxglove to make a nice arrangement for a patio.

Copyable so you only need to take one.  It can be found by the new patio set.

A note about gifts and promos -- the special price is usually for a week.