Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Devonshire Cottage

I have had this pretty little English cottage in mind for a long time. It's probably my favorite style -- but only recently did I get a clear enough idea of what I wanted it to look like that I could go ahead and make it.

The Devonshire Cottage is 191 prims without the pool area in back, has a soaring two story ceiling, an optional loft, upstairs master suite, downstairs bedroom/study/game room, dining and kitchen area, and many extra accessories (though no furniture is included).  It fits nicely on a 4096.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Featured Designer and Modifier: Michael Curry

Michael Curry gives us a tour of his beautifully modified and decorated La Villita as well as some hints on how he's created some elegant changes, partly by stealing bits from a previous home, the Briargate Cottage. Michael and his family members are now in the process of decorating the Gran Villa di Galli, giving it the detailed tweaking you will see in the pics below.

 "The different doors are from the Briargate Cottage.  Basically, I used 2 copies of the sculptie and sandwiched the glass (scripted root prim) in between.  The outer one was tinted to match the shutters, the inner was tinted slightly away from the pure white that it was on Briargate.  The trim around the doors is a couple of copies of a window prim, hollowed and cut."

"The living room area was left intact except for the doorway you can see on the left the door that goes out back. "

"The dining area is pretty much intact as well, except for the alteration of the doorway into the bedroom.  It was changed using a window prim and also the height was set to match the front door since they are so close together.  The door is a standard Briargate door, nothing tricky on that one.  An extra prim was added above the doorway, because the proportions didn't cooperate with using a hollowed prim."

"A bit of a closer shot on the front and bedroom doorways."

  "In the bedroom area if you look at the mirrors you will see that a reflection of the room has been used as the mirror surface texture.  For some reason it doesn't update when you walk in front of it though.  Maybe I should file a bug report with LL on that one?  ;-)

 "The fireplace area in the bedroom took on a significantly different look with a very simple mod.  I copied a wall prim and stuck it in the corner at a 45* angle and put the fireplace up to that."

 A pretty much straight on shot of the bathroom doorway. 

"The bathroom mirrors are modded to simulate a reflection as in the bedroom."

The doors from the bathroom out to back deck. 

Michael, thanks for taking us on a tour through your lovely home!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Designer and Modder: Felina Fermi

Felina Feri's recreation of the Monterey House is a wonderful mix of old world style and ultra modern convenience with a splash of pure creativity.  Felina has retextured some walls and floors and made other modifications such as the bathroom doors to give the home a very dramatic look and feel.