Sunday, June 30, 2013


I usually put things on sale when I first release them, so those of you who are on my subscriber list always have a chance to get things on sale before they go to the regular price. 

But I have been pretty much out of prims on all sims for a while (I have to keep at least 1000 free for rezzing things etc.) and  I am working on  a new house, a larger version of the San Marino, laid out something like the Gran Villa, and I don't have anywhere to put it. I need to make room for it fast!

As you may know, I have furniture in the model homes, as well as duplicates in the furniture departments, to make it easier to find what you are looking for. However, I need to move some houses onto the sim with Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Offices, and Accessories, and that means removing many things from that sim.  

Before I do, I have put the following *non-mesh* items on sale in the Accessories Dept: here:

 All are mod, some copyable, some transfer. 

Paintings, Prints
Picture Frames
Wall and Mantle Clocks
Grandfather Clocks
Wall decor
Various Accessories and Small Furniture
Vases, Bowls
Centerpiece flowers
Ceiling fans


If your messages get capped, you may not always get your weekly notice of new releases, promos, and gifts.  Therefore I would like to try making the notecard contents available on Facebook. 

For those who "Like" La Galleria, I will have a special gift which will be sent out in a few weeks after we compile a list.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

La Galleria EXCLUSIVE Bronze Patio and Outdoor Living Sets

I love the idea of effortlessly increasing a home's living and entertaining space by adding one of these new sets to your terrace or patio!  They would even work in a breakfast area or sunroom!

Bronze and Glass Outdoor Living Set- 29 Prims

This set is COPY, which gives you the option to arrange the set with as many chairs, tables, and benches as you like. 

Who doesn't love wine and cheese?

Another choice for centerpiece

And for al fresco entertaining, the Bronze and Glass Mesh Patio Dining Set...

Bronze and Glass Patio Set- 16 Prims (not including food that rezzes)

Ham Sandwiches


Wine and Cheese Plate

Love orchids!
 Other options for table settings include muffins for 2 or 4 or Waffles for 2 or 4.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cut Mesh Prims by Changing Your Camera Angle!

Yes, simply changing your camera angle and distance can save you prims/Land Impact -- and money, since you pay for those prims every time you pay tier or rent.

Let me start at the beginning. (And then I will tell you what prompted this post.)

When I first came to Second Life I noticed that everything was huge compared to my avi -- rooms and stores were cavernous. Doors were twice as tall as I was.  Doorknobs came up to my shoulder. And I was 6 feet tall!

And after a bit I realized why this was -- rooms and doorways built to scale would trap the camera behind them.  This is because --  unlike most other video games -- the Second Life camera default is angled high and at quite a distance from the avi.  Hamlet Au published this image from Resident Evil on his blog here.

This is from Penny Patton, quoted on Inara Pey's blog here.
Camera placement is important. In the videogame industry this is common wisdom. Game developers spent decades experimenting, improving and pretty much perfecting the art of camera placement in 3D videogames.

Unfortunately, the SL camera does not take advantage of any of that experience. As a result, the camera sits way over your avatar’s head, angled down. Not very immersive or engaging. More like you’re watching a character from afar rather than interacting with the world through them.

This has also affected how we build. It’s common knowledge that avatars are generally oversized, often close to 7 or 8′ tall, some pushing almost 9′. And yet, the environments we build and explore are larger still, often fully double scale compared to real life. 5m high ceilings instead of the more typical 2.59, 20x20m rooms instead of 10x10m or 5x5m rooms. We need to build so much larger to compensate for SL’s camera.

Above left, Penny shows the SL Default camera position; on the right, the "Over the Shoulder" position.  The SL default is like having a kite flying in the air behind you, and it keeps getting stuck in doors and walls. I keep my camera even closer to me, it just feels more immersive and natural.

So everyone built around the high trailing camera -- rooms were built huge, so furniture was built huge, so avis were made huge (though they still usually looked too small for their surroundings).  And for most people this was no problem. Just make everything big so the camera would not get trapped.

However, we are now in the Age of Mesh, and prims/ Land Impact is dramatically affected by the size of objects.  You can cut a lot of prims / Land Impact just by shrinking your furnishings or house a bit. Or better yet, when you buy these things, buy them to scale to begin with.  And when things are smaller and take fewer prims, that means you can do with less land, and less land means less tier.

The fix is easy -- just adjust your default camera angle and distance so it is closer to you and not so high up. Instantly, your camera is not bumping into things anymore. Plus it just feels so much more natural, more like Real Life.

The future of Second Life is for things to be created to scale. Making everything huge to accomodate a dysfunctional camera angle just doesn't make sense when it costs so much in Land Impact.

Here are some instructions for adjusting your camera angle to a more natural position -- you can play with the numbers a bit to suit your preferences, but this is a good starting point:

Follow the instuctions below:
1. Go into the Advanced menu at the top of your window (if it does not show, do Control > Alt (or Option) D ).
2. Open Debug Settings at the bottom. Type in: CameraOffsetRearView
3. Then enter these numbers:
X: -2.000
Y: -0.400 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centred view.)
Z: -0.200

Instructions with pictures can be found on Ciaran Laval's blog here.

Also, Penny Patton has a free HUD you can wear to adjust your camera angle:

What prompted this post?

My brand new house, the San Marino (you can see pics in a previous post), has one review now.  The reviewer gave it two stars -- she said it was beautiful -- but the bedrooms were "too small".  (Never mind that it can be seen inworld, never mind that it can be stretched larger, never mind that adjusting camera angle would solve the problem, never mind that I include camera angle instructions with the house!)

This is me standing in one of the "too small" bedrooms, with my camera close behind me:

Read a discussion about this post here:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bombe Chest and Sconces!

We have a few new items to announce!  They go together so well that I thought I would introduce them at the same time.  The Burl Bombe Chest is perfect for an entryway or office.  I love the detailed burl texturing and marble top. Also, you will notice the antique key with a tassel on the top drawer.  How pretty!

Bombe Burl Chest with Monet Landscape

Always classic, a vase of roses.
The Burl Bombe Chest set includes the chest, vase of roses, brass planter with Shefflera, and Monet Landscape painting.  All together the set is 13 prims.

Now on to these mesh sconces.  Light fixtures are one of the best ways to easily spruce up any room.  These are pictured with the Bombe Chest, but they would look beautiful anywhere.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The newest addition to the La Galleria collection of mesh homes is here! The San Marino iepitomizes La Galleria's style and attention to detail. This Old World style home stands apart with its sunbaked textures and earthy color palatte. From the Saltillo tile roof to the honed travertine tile flooring, the exclusive crown molding and baseboards, wood trim, and light fixtures,  no detail was spared attention.

Many extras included, but no furniture.

Below is a slideshow and pictures.

 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, room for a kitchen, conservatory/breakfast room/study, dining room, living room.

 Large and small courtyards rez from menu (touch front doorframe)

Back of house

The San Marino includes two versions -- one with marble balconies, and one with lower prim wrought iron balconies.  In addition, you can modify to one of two versions to better fit your avi. Prim count ranges from 330-397 depending on your version and size.

Detailed arches



 20% discount on kitchen, bar, and/or bath purchased w/ house (or before or after house).



So pretty!

Sitting Room

Master Bedroom

  Menu driven Privacy curtains viewable from outside


 20% discount on kitchen, bar, and/or bath purchased w/ house (or before or after house).

Read more about the San Marino on the Marketplace here.