Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evolution of a Second Life Brand: La Galleria

Very few Second Life brands grow into large stores; those that do, offer something unique and of exceptional quality, combined with excellent service.  This is an account of one reason La Galleria grew from a tiny parcel to four sims in less than four years.

I sold my first item on Christmas day 2007. It was not long after that that I began developing what were to become my signature products, the first of their kind, the dining sets for dinner parties.

2008 Easy Set Dining Sets

I admired those placemats I had seen in other stores, which would rez different meals from a menu -- but what I wanted was something for a dinner party.  I did not want my guests to all choose a different meal, with some eating hamburgers and some soup -- I wanted to choose and serve the meal.

I knew nothing about scripting so I made dinners and desserts for different numbers of place settings which the hostess could drag to the table top already linked -- nothing sculpted! -- and the Easy Set brand was born -- and with it the first true dinner party dining experience in Second Life.

2009  Dinner Party Dining Sets

In 2009 I found an amazing scripter who worked with me to design a system which would not only rez meals and desserts from a menu, but would allow for food to be added -- and the Dinner Party Dining Sets were born, the first dining sets in Second Life to rez linked meals in different numbers of place settings.

2009 Dinner Party Food Add-Ons

I began making extra food sets to add to the tables; the first holiday dinners were created, and many people shared their first holidy meal with loved ones in Second Life.

2009  Dinner Party Kitchens

Designed to prepare and cook and clean up after the meals available for the Dinner Party dining sets, while entertaining guests.

2010-2011  More food items created; original food items upgraded with sculpts.

2011  High detail MESH versions of the Dinner Party Dining Sets

2012 High Detail MESH Dinner Party Kitchens

2012  New MESH Dinner Party Holiday Turkey Dinner!

The new mesh Dinner Party Holiday meal is the product of three people -- my talented design partner Nacy Nightfire, my brilliant scriptor, Rolig Loon, and me -- working a total of almost two months to make something unlike anything seen in Second Life before!

  • High detail, realistic mesh with almost half the prims of sculpted dinners.
  • Touch a fork, wine glass or roll and they leave the table and fly to your hand, and you begin eating. When done, click Detach from a menu. The items return to your placemat. No more digging through inventory!
  • Seven different sets of china to choose from, including one for Christmas.
  • Four different placemat and runner color combinations to choose from.
  • Click the green bean casserole to turn it and the green beans on the plates into Brussels sprouts.
  • Candles change colors to match holiday decor.
  •  Candles rez festive bows which can change colors to match holiday decor.