Thursday, May 30, 2013

Al Fresco Living and Dining

Just in time for Summer, La Galleria is pleased to introduce the newest additions to the mesh wicker collection!

Tan Wicker Floral and Glass Hostess Set

This Tan Wicker Set makes hosting a casual brunch or lunch effortless!  This set has options for place seating for two or 4, and choice of muffins, waffles, croissant or sandwiches.  Or, of you have decided to move to the living area (see below), clear the table and set with a pretty vase of flowers. All this for 17 Prims!

Tan Wicker and Floral Outdoor Living Set

This set comes with everything pictured, for only 34 prims!

Ceiling fan with on/off feature and light.

Tan Wicker Armchairs

Tan Wicker Loveseat

Tan Wicker Chaise

Daisy Centerpiece

Tulip Centerpiece

Orchid Centerpiece

Be sure and check out the entire wicker collection here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NEW La Galleria White Wicker Outdoor Living Set!

With plenty of seating and a coffee table that rezzes a variety of flowers, magazines, and appetizers for guests, this La Galleria Exclusive Set is the perfect addition to any patio or balcony.  All this for 34 prims! 

 Choose from a cheese plate, candles,  two magazine options, and either a daisy, tulip or orchid centerpiece.

 La Galleria Exclusive White Wicker Armchairs

 La Galleria Exclusive White Wicker Loveseat

 Ceiling fan with on/off function and light.

 Also be sure to check out the White Wicker Hostess Set on the previous post, if you're also interested in an al fresco dining experience!