Monday, December 23, 2013

SO much going on this week!

Happy Holidays!!

***********  New  Mix and Match Policy ************

I like to encourage creativity and individuality in decorating.  To do that I am reintroducing an old La Galleria policy:  Mix and Match.  Want to put together your own room sets but still receive the discount of a set?  Now you can make your own set and receive a 25% discount:

* Buy five pieces of furniture individually from the same department.
* Rugs and accessories do not count as pieces of furniture but are discounted with the set.
* Send Turbokitty a notecard with your transaction info.

In the coming weeks I will be putting together pieces from different sets to give you some ideas.:-)

**********   New Mix n Match Dining Rooms **********

I made some new dining tables -- both in distressed wood, contemporary style, one with glass top, and console tables to go with them.  I also made a new less tailored style slipper chair and a Parsons chair, in a bunch of different fabrics: linen, suede, leather, prints. From these you could make dozens of different dining sets! 

*********  House Updates ********

The pretty all - mesh English Cotswold Cottage and the updated Somerset and Midsomer Cottages are now available in the vendor-rezzer, just north of the landing area. I will be sending out the updates this week so keep your main house box rezzed to scan for updates.  It will scan once every 24 hours.

Also, to add to your La Galleria coffee table, kitchen island, patio table, or rezzing console, cocoa and cookies, with display mug (which does not rez). Touch for a cookie and mug of steaming swirling cocoa with gently rotating marshmallow.  Find it near the Party Table, by the kitchens.

On the same table, two free sculpted snow globes, and a pretty Christmas Tree mesh one, in copy version, and a trans version for a keepsake gift.  Look closely to see the snowflakes.

*********  Holiday Ham Dinners for 4 ********

On the wall by the kitchens you can now find the Holiday Ham dinner for the small square or round Dinner Party tables (only for Dinner Party tables).  Has six different china patterns, including Christmas. To get items to "wear" and eat/eat with, touch something and it will go directly to your hand, no digging in inventory!  All exclusively at La Galleria.

**********  Gifts ***********

See above ^^. 

Above the front porch is a Christmas Windchime -- touch to turn chimes on/off.

Also, I made this cute mesh plaque to hang by your doorway,  on the front doorframe of the English Cottages just North of the Landing Point. Exclusively @ La Galleria

Out front of the English Cottages, a Christmas mailbox:

BTW -- I make a lot of the gits and promo items myself, just because it is fun for me to make gifts, but when I see some cute full perm mesh kit I think you would like, I will buy and texture it and pass it along!

Monday, December 16, 2013

This week's gifts and NEW/UPDATED Cottage preview!

My computer graphics card died so I didnt get as much work in this week as I wanted, but you can see a preview of my new house, the Cotswold Cottage, which is an updated, white version of the Somerset and Midsomer.  It is just North of the central landing point.  I will get it packaged up in the next few days -- I have temporarily removed the vendor that rezzes the other versions of the cottage until I do.

In the next couple of weeks I will also be updating the Somerset and Midsomer, so make sure you have your house box rezzed to scan for the update.  The house has new windows and doors, new texturing, and the ability to tint the inside walls separate from the outside one.

Gifts are out front of the Cotswold Cottage -- take a look:

Plus a snowman!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays! Christmas gifts galore, plus new releases!

Take a look at these two pretty new mesh wreaths, one with fir branches, holly, and poinsettias, the other with pine cones, fir branches, and tiny wooden ornaments, both with tiny lights and a candle -- copy and mod, no alpha textures used:
Exclusively @ La Galleria.

Christmas Dinner!

Whether you prefer ham or turkey, La Galleria has a very special dinner for you to entertain family and friends with.  Each comes with a choice of china, including Christmas china, and fabric change table linens.

The ham dinner , already included now with most mesh dining tables, is shown here with my newest dining set -- photo by Lilo Denimore:

**********  GIFTS!  *************

Everything in the dining rooms right by the landing point.

*Christmas Tree wall collage --  La Galleria exclusive

* Vintage Christmas Cards -- La Galleria Exclusive

*  Sculpted Christmas Stockings

* Plus all the gifts from previous weeks.

And more next week!

Monday, December 2, 2013

FREE Holiday Gifts plus new releases!

I have an updated Garden Bench, now in three colors -- cute with the Xmas throw pillow gifts!  Also I have a new cross back bench in white or black, each with fabric change options.  All benches have singles sits and a nice couples cuddle, copy and mod.

On top of the fireplaces by the landing point you will see my beautiful all-mesh centerpiece -- no alpha textures used.   That version is unscripted, copyable, so you can place it anywhere.  On the floor is the box with all three versions -- non scripted, scripted to place in coffee tables, consoles that rez things, kitchen islands, etc., and scripted to go in Dinner Party tables. 

In addition to the free Holiday Pillows, I also have several other Holiday gifts!! 
They are all by the landing point.  I have pretty red or pink sculpted poinsettias, two versions of fireplace mantle garland, and colored or white strands of mesh lights for your house.  All of these are in the rooms with the dining sets for 8, right by the central landing point.

Not to mention all the gifts from last week are still available!

Last of the MESH Kitchens are now UPDATED!

In time for holiday festivities, I have just finished the update for the MESH kitchens, to make them even more fun to play with and look at.

Some highlights;

~ More animations in counters, refrigerator, oven, sink, some of them for couples or friends.

Couples Cooking Animation seen in the Ebony and Cream Kitchen

~ Many textures and objects have been updated to improve appearance, Land Impact, or rez time -- for example, that 17 prim teacart is now 2.

~ Ham dinner and shrimp cocktail added to the island and ham dinner to the oven (to go with the ham dinner now in most mesh dining sets).

~ Top cabinet doors now all have glass panels and open on touch.

~ A lot of things have specular and normal materials applied, but these are only visible with a materials-enabled viewer, which at this time is only the LL viewer.

For detailed info with pictures, check the online kitchen manual here:

If you have a mesh kitchen, rez your box for 24 hours to receive your updated kitchen.