Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Designer of the Month: Pandora Philipp

I love Pandora's decorating because she thinks outside the box, as you can see in the pictures below of the Rose Cottage -- she has not only decorated it with an exciting sense of eclectic style and bold color, but she remodeled the cottage to suit her needs. She has added two baths, a nursery, an art room, and yes, a room for her dogs! Her property has a boat house and tree house and interesting things to interact with everywhere. It looks fabulous! She says:

"I buy what I like and then build around it ... I like unique, lots of people just buy what they see out and leave it, you need to make it comfortable for yourself. I just put out what I like, not what others think I should, I have to live here.... lol!"

Pandora always has a clear vision of what she wants, and I love working with her to modify things to match that vision. That's a lot of fun for me, and very rewarding also to see the final creation. I supply the artist with the tools and materials, but it is the artist who makes the final art work, and I love seeing that.

Pandora welcomes anyone to come see her home here. If she is home, just IM her to let her know you want to take a peek. She also has several shops -- clothes, flower arrangements, and contemporary furnishings-- which can be found at her mall here.